About UOFG

The University of Gezira was established in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of the Gezira state in accordance with a Republican Decree issued on the 19th of November 1975.More .

  • Location
    University City - Wadmedani - Gezira State - Sudan
  • E-mail it@uofg.edu.sd
  • Phone(00249)5118 43174
  • Phone(00249)5118 40466
  • Fax+249 183487591

Admission requirements

  • A Bachelor Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma from the University of Gezira or from any recognized University.
  • The student who holds a class III (Honors) or a General Bachelor Degree applying for the master degree by courses and complementary research must have adequate experience in the major field of study.
  • The students applying for the master degree by research only must have an adequate experience in the major field of research according to the requirements of the concerned master program, and their research proposal must satisfy all the requirements of the comprehensive research.
  • Meeting the conditions of fulltime or part-time study required by the programs.
  • Commitment to meet all financial obligations.
  • Each Faculty / Institute is entitled to lay down its own specific conditions for admission, follow the general regulations of graduate studies stated hereby.