About UOFG

The University of Gezira was established in the city of Wad Medani, the capital of the Gezira state in accordance with a Republican Decree issued on the 19th of November 1975.More .

  • Location
    University City - Wadmedani - Gezira State - Sudan
  • E-mail it@uofg.edu.sd
  • Phone(00249)5118 43174
  • Phone(00249)5118 40466
  • Fax+249 183487591

Scientific Excellence Awards

The University of Gezira pays special consideration to encourage outstanding students. The university has the following awards for outstanding students:

  • Senate Award for Academic Excellence for students who obtain a Semester GPA of (4.00).
  • University of Gezira Awards for Academic Excellence for students passing out of each faculty who have obtained the highest CGPA.
  • Awards by the faculties for the best academic performance of graduates in each discipline offered by the Faculty.
  • Faculty of Medicine Award for the student who obtains the highest cumulative grade point average in semester 7.
  • Faculty of Medicine Awards for students who obtain the highest score in the clinical courses "Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgery and Community Medicine".
  • Prizes from the Deanship of Student Affairs for the best student in sports activities and for excellence in cultural activates.

Faculties celebrate at the end of each semester to honor all students who have obtained GPA greater than (3.50). Students who have obtained a GPA of (4.00) for three consecutive semesters are honored by the vice chancellor of the university and Deans of faculties. Such students are exempted from paying tuition fees.